Adjusting to a new regularity


All this time that unprecedented living conditions prevail for humanity, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Vacupower stopped all marketing activities, but we did not stop working with the aim of adapting the Vacupower method to the new data that will apply, after the lifting up of the restrictive measures.

Working with the entire network of authorized Vacupower Points, through organized teleconference, was an important source of information and exchange of views in order to form the platform that will support our actions for the final phase of the restrictive period (as it seems at least) and definitely that of the next day, after the lifting up of the restrictive measures due to COVID-19.

The result of this collaboration is the upgrading of the protocol of procedures for the provision of the Vacupower method, exclusively through the authorized network of Vacupower Points, with the highest criterion of ensuring high hygiene standards and creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our customers and employees.

It is worth noting that upgrading the Vacupower Procedure protocol was very easy, that’s because Vacupower is a method based on the individual and personalized application of sessions, in an environment where, already, can effectively apply hygiene and disinfection rules.
In the following days and weeks we think positively, we act positively.

To transform life into the new regularity, into an opportunity for a better life, for us, our children and our planet.

Learn more about the health protocol for the vacupower method: