Health protocol of the Vacupower method

Adaptation of the Vacupower method to the new data, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, by upgrading the protocol of procedures for the provision of the Vacupower method, exclusively through the authorized network of Vacupower Points, with the highest criterion of ensuring high hygiene standards and creating a safe environment for our customers and employees.

1. Customer

The client is obliged to bring with him sports shoes, which he will use exclusively inside the space and during the session. The use of personal towels is also necessary. If the customer does not bring one, we will provide them. 

2. Machine

The interior of the machine is cleaned with a handheld vacuum cleaner, rechargeable or electric. Alternatively, it can be cleaned with a dry wipe to remove fluff and dust. Then, the interior of the capsule is cleaned with disinfectant. Externally, we disinfect the upper part of the machine, especially the area around the rim that fastens the belt, the handles and the keys. 

3. Belt

At regular intervals, wash the belts in lukewarm water and liquid soap. After each use, disinfect the area with a special disinfectant spray. Before applying the belt to the customer, clean the area that comes in contact with the towel with a cleaning wipe. In case the belt is wet, either of use or cleanliness, and we must use it immediately, we dry its surface with a blow dryer. The belts must be placed with the zipper closed and fastened on a hanger, stable or wheeled base. In a visible area, we place a card regarding the time when the disinfection of the belt takes place.     


4. Vacupower Point
Systematic and adequate ventilation of the space, natural or mechanical. In case the method is not in a separate space, we use a separator from the other services and keep a distance of at least 2 meters. In a visible area we place antiseptic, as well as a card regarding the time when the machine is cleaned and disinfected.

5. Measurements

We clean the measuring tape that we use for the body measurements with a disinfectant wipe.

6. Use of the method

We leave a gap of 10 to 15 minutes between the appointment sessions. This time is necessary to disinfect the machine, the belt but also to avoid, within the space where the Vacupower method is located, customers gathering.
The user of the method applies a towel around his body, at the point where the belt touches the skin. Then we stand behind the client and help him to wear the belt, wearing mask and gloves. Where possible, the client wears the belt himself, putting it on from the feet up. We help them to buckle down the belt, lowering towards the client's chest and close the zipper to continue with the rest of the process. Once the customer has worn the belt, we instruct him to approach the back of the machine, holding the belt with both hands. He uses the back step to enter the inside of the capsule and after placing his/her feet right and left on the rails of the treadmill and not on the drive belt, we close the door of the machine and seal it with the belt. Throughout this process we guide the customer. We stand either to the right or to the left of the machine and press the corresponding keys to activate it. In the middle of the session, 2 to 3 minutes before the end, we go to the machine area, to ask the client if everything is going well. In case of need (e.g. malaise) the existence of a bell or other means will help to inform us immediately. When our presence at the place, where the method is located, is deemed necessary, such as during the free session to inform a new customer, we keep the appropriate distances and observe the necessary protection measures (mask, gloves).