Terms of use


The purpose of this is to list the terms and conditions governing the use of our company website, as well as the privacy policy, which it follows. The visitor/user must carefully read the terms of use and the terms of service that follow, before visiting or using the website and in case of disagreement must not use them. Otherwise it is presumed that it fully and unconditionally accepts the stated terms, which apply to all its content..


To access the website you must be an adult (over 18 years old), otherwise prior parental consent is required, and you must have a valid email address. Our company is not responsible for any violation of the above term.


The use of the website presupposes that the user has the necessary material means (hardware) and software for the use of the Internet. Our company is not responsible for direct or indirect damage to users from technical problems caused by illegal acts of third parties e.g. from interception of data or from the spread of viruses during the use of the websites or reproduction of its data. The use of this website and the receipt of information are at the risk and responsibility of the user. Although we make every effort to keep the Website accessible at all times, we cannot guarantee access under all circumstances. It is possible for various reasons, such as for maintenance reasons, or other reasons, outside our control, the access to the website is temporarily impossible or even canceled, for which our company does not bear any responsibility to the user.


The user of this website accepts that he/she does not use it for the publication, sending by e-mail or other transmission of any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, malicious, offensive, defamatory or violates the privacy of others. The use of this website for political, promotional or proselytizing purposes is prohibited. The user undertakes not to import viruses or any kind of files that may disrupt the proper functioning of this website. It should be added and noted that the user is not granted any other rights with respect to this website, other than that of personal information, unless expressly stated otherwise.


Our company makes every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information. However, due to the constant risk of third party interference on the Internet, but also because the transfer of data on the Internet is not completely reliable, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information contained on the website (at any time). In case the user finds errors or omissions in the information provided on this website, please inform us at the following email address: info@vacupower.gr The user should also be aware that the information and tips contained on our website, in no case do they replace medical diagnosis, advice and monitoring.


It is forbidden for the user, any reproduction of the websites or their individual content, such as text, part of the database, graphs or photos, which exceeds the limits of private use (article 18 of Law 2121/1993). Therefore, storage on hard disk or other technical storage medium, sending by e-mail, uploading by server, creating deep and in-line links, printing and distribution in written form (electronic or printed), the translation or distribution of their content, the conversion of all or part of them as well as the presentation to the public, by the user, are prohibited.