Perikleous 38, Evosmos, Greece

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TREEGGER-Athlete's Growth Starter is a unique innovative space that helps people and athletes to achieve their goals.Our specialized trainers help you with their knowledge to achieve the maximum of your goals so that through exercise you can have a better quality of life. A friendly and accessible place for all people. For women and men looking for good physical condition, well-being, muscle toning and even body shaping with modern slimming methods. For young people who are just starting their contact with exercise and fitness.For professional and amateur athletes who through the specialized training-rehabilitation and recovery methodology will achieve their goals to the maximum. We also house the Fatigue Assessment and Neuromuscular Control Laboratory - FCL with a range of specific measurements - assessments and exercise prescription, in a variety of special populations and pathologies, but also athletes of amateur and professional level. We are one of the leading training centers for athletes and non-athletes in Greece with respect to the needs and capabilities of each athlete. Our belief is that the world would be a better place if all people had access to a modern and innovative way to exercise.


Karagiwrgos Christos
Karagiwrgos Panagiwtis
Karamanolis Dimitris
Tsiokanos Lampros


Daily 8:00-22:00, Saturday: 9:00-17:00

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